Discover the work of Epsylon Point, street artist and pioneer of urban art in France.

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From Blek the rat to Monsieur Chat, including Invader and Miss Tic, French urban art is full of talents from different generations. Discover who are the street artists who have marked the history of French urban art and how this movement has earned its place in the institutionalized world of art.

Panorama of French artist streets

French street art emerged at the same time as the events of May 1968, carried by pioneering artists like Zlotykamien from 1963 Ernest Pignon-Ernest from 1966. At that time, the productions of urban art, aimed at essentially social and political, were limited to mural graffiti painted with spray paint. It was only from its 1980s and the development of a new technique, the stencil, that this movement really took off.

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Stencil is a technique of printing patterns and images on almost any rigid surface. The type of stencil paint differs depending on the chosen medium (fabric, metal, wood, etc.) and the choice of the pattern allows endless possibilities. Young artists such as Bleck the rat, Jef Aérosol and Jérôme Mesnager distinguished themselves in the art of stenciling and some of their works, such as the legendary "Sitting Kid" by Jef Aérosol, have passed into posterity.

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Urban artistic creations gained ground in the 1990s and the 2000s were manifested by the integration of urban art in France, starting with the creation of the MUR (“Modulable, Urbain et Réactif”), an association bringing together 80 artists including Epsylon Point.

Epsylon Point and color stencil

If there is one character who revolutionized French urban art, it is Epsylon Point, the pioneer of color stencils. Epsylon Point is a painter born in 1950, graduating from Beaux-Arts in Dijon and precursor of the first color stencils.

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Passionate about painting, he first tried his hand at spray-can graffiti and photography by mixing color stencils, a technique he discovered during a performance made in the early 1980s. This jack-of-all-trades - Epsylon Point is also a musician and airplane mechanic - makes color stencils his trademark and, through his works, tackles various societal issues: social demands, world conflicts, the human condition, etc.

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In 1985, he participated in the first gathering of the graffiti and urban art movement in Bondy under the leadership of the VLP, alongside other rising figures of urban art: Blek le rat, Jef Aérosol, Miss Tic, SP 38 , Speedy Graphito or even Nuklé-Art. During the 2000s, Epsylon Point was approached by art galleries and museums for personal and collective exhibitions of street art and contemporary art, including “Aux Arts Citoyens” Espace des Blanc Manteaux, Paris (2006); “Hihihihihi”, Galerie Ligne 13 Paris (2012); Urban legend ”, Rome (2014).

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For its part, La CHOOSE Galerie , in the 8th arrondissement of Paris becomes the official gallery of Epsylon Point where historical and recent works are exhibited there.