Discover the work of Epsylon Point, street artist and pioneer of urban art in France.

The works of the pioneer of French streert art at La CHOOSE Galerie

Engaged street art is a delicate area in which many artists of the genre have made their specialty. Decorative and above all a mode of expression, street art has been widely controversial for many decades, and in several countries. However, some galleries exhibit the work of artists recognized for their work and talent, such as La CHOOSE Galerie in Paris.

What do we mean by street art?

Street art, literally translated as street art, is also called urban art. Graffiti appeared in the United States in the 1970s in the form of tags and signatures of all kinds and graffiti, mainly used as a means of expression. Arrived more or less discreetly in Europe, it found its place there in the early 1980s. The walls of specific neighborhoods as well as subways and even train cars were used as supports.

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Considered invasive and provocative, especially works of engaged street art , urban art has been banned from certain neighborhoods and cities. However, art galleries such as La CHOOSE Galerie in Paris have opened their doors to street artists.

When do we speak of engaged street art?

In its essence, street art is a committed art. Its precursors are generally people who use it to express their revolt or their vision of the situations and the environment that surrounds them. Some works are real frescoes telling stories or translating injustices, etc. Moreover, the provocative nature of certain graffiti and drawings has led to the prohibition of this means of expression in many places and this under the terms of the law of 29/07/1881.

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Nevertheless, prohibition did not prevent street artists from remaining active. Epsylon Point is among those who have come back to the fore with numerous exhibitions in galleries that defend this category of art. He has been present at La CHOOSE Galerie in Paris since January 2020.

Committed street art artists remain appreciated

Committed street art artists are true spokespersons for society. Each in his own way, with his talent, remains faithful to the values ​​that are close to his heart. Note that the most recurring themes at Epsylon Point are politics, the human condition, fundamental rights (of men, women, children, animals, etc.), ecology. The works are particularly expressive and carry strong messages, hence the notoriety of their authors.

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In addition, the artistic and aesthetic aspects of the achievements are also the essential element that has earned street art its popularity, and that of their creators. Epsylon Point, currently exhibited at La CHOOSE Galerie in Paris, stands out for its particularly colorful works.

La CHOOSE Galerie exhibits Epsylon Point, a committed street art artist

Created by two art enthusiasts, Laurent COQUANT gallery owner / dealer for over 30 years and Henri TRUMER lawyer and amateur enlightened by art and its history, La CHOOSE Galerie has chosen Epsylon Point, pioneer of color stencils and one of the pioneers of street art in France.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

They have thus devoted a space to this street art artist engaged in themes as diverse as dictatorship and the perverse misdeeds of capitalism in all its forms, sexuality or the human condition. His works are available for sale and offered for leasing at the gallery and on the latter's website.