Discover the work of Epsylon Point, street artist and pioneer of urban art in France.

Epsylon Point: political slogans and current events in art

French artist recognized as one of the precursors of street art in France, Epsylon Point stands out for its nonconformist style. He creates his works on abstract backgrounds painted freehand on which he places stencils, and inserts political and current affairs slogans into his art. Fascinated by her talent, La CHOOSE Galerie has chosen to exhibit her paintings in a solo show. All urban art lovers, individuals and businesses, can discover and acquire the works of this illustrious painter.

Canvases with powerful messages

Epsylon Point has always been an activist at heart. He chose to lead his fight by making canvases with powerful messages, which did not fail to elicit reactions from the public. When we contemplate his works, we can say that they are political slogans and current events in art , especially since the artist is interested in many subjects such as world conflicts, human tragedies, but also to dictatorships and the perversity of capitalist systems. His daring sometimes borders on provocation, but that's what makes him famous.

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In addition to paintings inspired by news photos and political slogans, he also sports drawings dealing with other themes such as music and eroticism. Despite his casual demeanor, Epsylon Point is considered a living legend of French street art, and many urban artists have followed him.

Although he has participated in numerous group and personal exhibitions, the artist is still attached to his independence and freedom. The CHOOSE Galerie was also born from this idea, and since January 2020, a selection of paintings by this painter are exhibited there. These can be acquired by direct purchase or through our tailor-made financing offer.

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Our rental financing offer is a formula dedicated to companies that wish, like us, to contribute to the development of the French artistic scene. This is the most advantageous solution given that the cost of renting a canvas is a 100% tax deductible charge. In addition, at the end of the financing contract, it is possible to exercise the purchase option and acquire the work personally for 3% of its residual value.

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By displaying one or a few works of Epsylon Point in your premises, you are adopting an innovative communication strategy, which consists in showing your attachment to fundamental values ​​and the conservation of cultural heritage. On the other hand, integrating art into your corporate culture is an effective strategy to strengthen the image of your company with your employees, customers and partners.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

If you would like to have a glimpse of his works where political and current affairs slogans are inserted into the art , do not hesitate to watch the videos available on our site, as well as our online catalog.