Discover the work of Epsylon Point, street artist and pioneer of urban art in France.

French paintings of urban art

Graffiti, stencil, installation, mosaic: street art has marked urban landscapes for many years. These street artists, known or budding, perceive the environment as being a vast and virgin canvas conducive to the expression of their inspiration, a suitable platform to take a critical look at society like a museum.

Urban artists attacking cities

The history of French urban art coincides with the events of May 1968, carried by pioneering artists such as Gérard Zlotykamien and Ernest Pignon-Ernest. This artistic form manifests itself mainly in the street, on the walls, on the facades of buildings through paintings , graffiti and other frescoes that are sometimes subversive, denouncing or quite simply artistic.

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From its origins until today, street art has always served one or more causes. In France, Epsylon Point is one of the first artists to have given a militant dimension to urban art. This pioneer of color stencils has always sought to arouse public reaction on social issues: social demands, class struggle, etc. Non-conformist, Epsylon Point also likes to provoke and does not hesitate to shake up taboos with his very explicit erotic paintings.

The young generation engaged

The street offers increased visibility to urban artists who want to be heard. Politics, conflicts, racism, ecology: a tag, a graffiti or a clearly visible painting has an incredible impact to alert the public. This strength of street art, young committed artists put it at the service of their causes. Thus, the street artist Combo has produced one of the most famous works dealing with religion: a sticker accompanied by a tag advocating tolerance between different faiths.

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In addition, world famous figures of street art, like Banksy, have become masters in the art of provocation. The British artist, to whom we owe “The Balloon Girl”, a stencil made on London's Waterloo Bridge, is the author of the very controversial “One Nation Under CCTV”. Many are also committed artists who impose on passers-by their feelings and their ideals around international conflicts, denounce animal suffering, massive urbanization or deforestation.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Although street art belongs to the streets, this artistic movement is tending more and more to become institutionalized. Art galleries and museums frequently devote personal or collective street-art exhibitions. In the 8th arrondissement of Paris, La CHOOSE Galerie offers a journey through time to discover the outstanding works of Epsylon Point over the decades.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

During this exhibition, the artist presents some of his historical works such as “Errares humano” 1987, but also his latest unpublished works: “The Decrepitude of the Soul” (2020), “Russian Nobel Prize” (2019), “ Le Charron "," Je suis Charlie "," The walls have the floor "(2020)

About La CHOOSE Galerie

Born from a common passion for art, La CHOOSE Galerie was founded in 2020 by Laurent COQUANT, gallery owner / dealer for more than 30 years, and Henri TRUMER, lawyer and amateur enlightened by art and its history.