Discover the work of Epsylon Point, street artist and pioneer of urban art in France.

Discover the most influential French graffiti artists

The French urban art community brings together multiple talents from different generations. Graffiti artist, stencil artist, mosaicist: French street artists continue to amaze with their works. But who among them are the most influential? What are their most significant works?

French graffiti artists and stencils

Born in the United States in the 1960s, graffiti arrived in France around the same time as street art, carried by pioneering artists like Gérard Zlotykamien and Ernest Pignon-Ernest. At the time, urban art was mainly used to denounce systems or to take a critical look at a topical subject. With the events of May 1968, street art took on an increased political dimension, a characteristic that we find until today in certain graffiti and wall stencils.

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Speaking of stencils, France saw the birth of the first productions of colored stencils, around 1982/1983, after a painter still unknown at the time, Epsylon Point, discovered this technique almost by chance. The stencil makes it possible to obtain two distinct effects on the same support while playing with colors. “I had the impulse to cover a screen on which I was projecting images with black paint. It was like a flash, ”confided the artist.

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But in this area, Epsylon Point is not the only one to have perfected its technique. Other stencils, like Jef Aérosol, Miss Tic or even Invader, have been invaluable sources of inspiration for many street artists.

Major artistic productions

Some of the productions of French street art have passed into posterity even if in terms of art, it is always difficult to establish an aesthetic and generational hierarchy. How indeed to compare "Les Gisants" (1971) by Ernest Pignon-Ernest to "La Chute" (2012) by Levalet, "The Warrior" by Blek le Rat to "Morphologie" by L'Atlas?

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However, it is not wrong to say that some of these French graffiti artists , by their techniques and their inspiration, have revolutionized street art. This is the case with Jef Aérosol with his numerous performances in France and abroad: “Chuuuttt” in Paris, “Sitting kid” on the Great Wall of China, “North eastern” in Boston. And how not to talk about Invader and his little mosaic aliens, Miss Tic and her puns, epigrams and prose, or even Jérôme Mesnager and his famous "Man in White".

In the 8th arrondissement of Paris, La CHOOSE Galerie devotes its space to the works of Epsylon Point through the years. Anartist at heart, figure of the politically incorrect, Epsylon Point takes a critical look at the human condition, denounces violence and conflict, and speaks out on contemporary societal issues.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Through his works, we invite you on a journey through time where joy, sadness and melancholy mingle: “Errar es humano” 1987, “Birth” 1999, “The station” 2008 or even “The decrepitude of the soul” 2020.