Discover the work of Epsylon Point, street artist and pioneer of urban art in France.

La CHOOSE Galerie exhibits urban art by Epsylon Point in Paris

The City of Light is also one of the world's art capitals. Finding an urban art gallery in Paris will not be really very difficult, the city has several. But if you are looking for one that exhibits the works of Epsylon Point, one of the pioneers of French street art, La CHOOSE Galerie awaits you in the 8th arrondissement.

The art gallery, the ideal place to discover artists specializing in urban art in Paris

An art gallery is a place devoted to the temporary or permanent exhibition of works of art. It can be public or private, but is in principle accessible to visitors. The works of artists presented there can be sculptures, paintings, photographs, etc. The works can be just exhibited or offered for sale or leasing. In most cases, the rooms are fitted out and decorated according to specific themes, depending on the subjects tackled by the artists. Some exhibitions are real shows during their opening.

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Either way, these places are the best options for seeing masterpieces in real life. For example, an urban art gallery in Paris will give you the opportunity to discover in the French capital, an artistic universe as controversial as it is admired with more or less known artists. The CHOOSE Galerie has also chosen Epsylon Point, a forerunner of very French street art despite its pseudonym, for one of its first exhibitions.

Urban art, what is it?

Urban art, also known as street art or street art, is an artistic movement that started on the streets. The works constitute true modes of expression for their authors. Born in the United States in the 1950s, it quickly exported and invaded many major cities around the world. Hip hop culture, of which street art is a part, includes pictorial art (paintings including tags, frescoes and graffiti), music and dance, and even theater. Long before the appearance of the urban art gallery, in Paris or elsewhere, street art flooded certain neighborhoods and was particularly controversial, for several reasons.

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Indeed, as a mode of expression, urban art is widely used to denounce injustices or social and political issues. As a result, it was banned in many cities. In addition, the graffiti on the walls was often considered vandalism and degradation of public places. Moreover, the vast majority of street art artists are people involved in specific causes. Anyway, La CHOOSE Galerie has decided to house the works of one of the pioneers of urban art in France since January 2020.

La CHOOSE Galerie has chosen the urban art of Epsylon Point

New urban art gallery in Paris opened in January 2020, La CHOOSE Galerie has chosen Epsylon Point as its first street art artist. Active for several decades, Epsylon Point is an "anartist" who does not take gloves to express his vision of themes such as politics (dictatorship), social issues, the human condition, capitalism (in all its forms and effects. perverse). He also made himself known through his works on eroticism, which he portrays without being embarrassed by scruples or modesty. His paintings presented at La CHOOSE Galerie are offered for sale, but also on leasing.

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