Discover the work of Epsylon Point, street artist and pioneer of urban art in France.

Contemporary art gallery in Paris dedicated to street art, to the defense and promotion of the work of Epsylon Point.

Street art, this “ephemeral art” which has forever marked urban landscapes, is in the spotlight at the contemporary art gallery La CHOOSE Galerie , in the 8th arrondissement of Paris . The works of Epsylon Point, a pioneer of the color stencil technique, have been exhibited there since the beginning of the year.

Contemporary art and street art

Contemporary art brings together multiple artistic forms whether in the form of style or aesthetic practice. Generally speaking, contemporary art refers to artistic works produced since 1945, although this notion of contemporaneity remains widely debated.

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For certain artistic movements, contemporary art should therefore not only be taken chronologically or exclusively. This assumes that it ignores the boundaries between artistic fields and brings together other forms of art such as cinema, literature or theater.

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Street art, on the other hand, gives pride of place to the free expression of artists without differentiating practices. This artistic movement brings together artistic productions in various forms (graffiti, stencil, work, installation, etc.) and draws its origins from graphic disciplines as varied as comics and posters. Street art as contemporary art ? The acceptance seems to be unanimous. But then the question arises of the aesthetic criterion, of the culture of beauty? Are a painting, a stencil on a building facade always art?

Urban art exhibitions

The “institutionalized” universe of art has settled the debate: yes, the embellishment of urban environments is unequivocal in art. Because in the same way as the stained glass windows were used as well to tell scenes from the Bible as to magnify the building, the productions of urban artists challenge by the meaning and the beauty of their expression.

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The neighborhoods of European cities are full of examples that underpin this assertion. Now supported by art galleries, celebrated at auctions until its entry into museums, street art has gained its finest letters of nobility. In the 8th arrondissement of Paris, La CHOOSE Galerie is devoting a solo show exhibition dedicated to the works of Epsylon Point, one of the pioneers of urban art in France. The artist presents some of his timeless colored stencils, such as “Errar es humano” (1987), but also his recent and latest works: “Sur le Départ”, “La decépitude de cœur”, “En famille” ; "Louis Armstrong" ...

A few words about Epsylon Point

French painter born in 1950, Epsylon Point is the first to have produced color stencils in France in 1983. Alongside other renowned stencils such as Blek le rat and Marie Rouffet, Epsylon Point will give a larger dimension to the French urban art, that of a free and deeply expressive artistic movement.

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Many exhibitions, personal or collective, have been devoted to the works of Epsylon Point. Among the most striking are: Erotics of everyday life ”, Galerie Sanguine, Paris (1994); Büchergilde, Gutenberg Art Club, Frankfurt (1999); “Oh my Gode”, Galerie Hubert Konrad, Paris (2012); “Hihihihihi”, Galerie Ligne 13, Paris (2012); “Urban legend”, Rome (2014). Galerie Brugier-Rigail (2018), La CHOOSE Galerie in solo show since January 2020.