Discover the work of Epsylon Point, street artist and pioneer of urban art in France.

Group and personal exhibitions Epsylon Point

Through its pioneering works, Epsylon Point has influenced many street artists in France and abroad. Epsylon Point is the pioneer of color stencils, a technique for reproducing patterns and designs that allows two distinct effects to be obtained. Discover in this article how the artist has won the recognition of his peers through his works and his numerous group and personal exhibitions.

Epsylon Point and color stencil

When the public discovers street art, graffiti and tags were used to express an opinion, to denounce a system or to mark a sense of belonging. The interest of budding painters in this movement gave it an artistic character and some emblematic figures, such as Epsylon Point .

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Epsylon Point discovered a passion for street art at the time when it was starting to emerge in France, that is to say towards the end of the 1970s. The artist was then graduating from the school of Beaux-arts de Dijon and was looking for an activity that would allow him to fully express his art. After starting out as a photographer, he quickly turned to painting and almost by accident discovered the colored stencil while covering a screen with black paint on which he projected images.

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From there, Epsylon Point continued to develop his technique until teaching it to stencil artists in Turin, Italy. After gaining a certain notoriety, the artist has never ceased to express himself, through his works, on topical subjects, politics, war.

First street art gathering in Bondy

In 1985 took place the first graffiti and urban art gathering organized by the VLP in Seine-Saint-Denis in the city of Bondy. Epsylon Point was there, as were other emblematic figures of this “ephemeral art”: Blek the rat, Jef Aérosol, Speedy Graphito, SP38, Miss Tic…

Towards the end of the 1990s, Epsylon Point moved to Hauts-de-Seine. The future could only smile on the artist: exhibitions followed one after another and his works ended up winning their letter of nobility in the painter's many personal and group exhibitions in France and abroad.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Among his most notable personal exhibitions: the stencil “Totalmente a mano”, Chat Noir, Paris (2011); “Oh my Gode”, Galerie Hubert Konrad, Paris (2012); “Self-made” at the Galerie Moretti & Moretti, Paris (2014), “Père et fils”, Paris (2015). From his group exhibitions, we can remember: “Street Art where Art is on the street”, François Villon Cultural Center, Paris (2014); Collective exhibition artists of 92 (2002), Requiem for a Street, Galerie Saint-Laurent, Marseille (2013) and many others.

For its part, La CHOOSE Galerie is devoting an unprecedented exhibition of its timeless stencils to him, from his first works such as “Errar es humano” in 1987, to his latest creations with the evocative title: “Je suis Charlie”, “Le Charron”, or again "The decrepitude of the soul".