Discover the work of Epsylon Point, street artist and pioneer of urban art in France.

Epsylon Point, a street art artist to discover at La CHOOSE Galerie

Epsylon Point is a French street art artist engaged in the art of graffiti and stencil. If you wish to discover his works or acquire them, you will find a fine selection of his paintings at La CHOOSE Galerie , located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

Who is Epsylon Point, street artist?

Born in 1950, Epsylon Point is a pioneer of street art in France. This graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Dijon discovered a talent and a passion for stencil painting in the 1980s. His technique is based on the installation of stencils whose patterns are taken from current affairs photos or political slogans on freehand painted abstract backgrounds.

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He participated in the first gathering of the graffiti and urban art movement organized by the VLP in Seine-Saint-Denis in 1985 with many other artists. He spent the 1990s in Turin, where he trained other artists in the art of stenciling before returning to France at the end of that decade. And he discovers the hardening of the laws concerning urban art. He does not give up and continues to paint in his studio located in the Hauts-de-Seine. It was from the 2000s that his works began to be exhibited in numerous galleries and events dedicated to street art. Since January 2020, a large number of his works have been exhibited at La CHOOSE Galerie in Paris.

A committed artist

Probably born in the United States, street art in the form of tags and graffiti has been around for over half a century now. Denigrated and seen as vandalism or provocative, street art has always been used as a means of expression to point out the flaws in the system and the flaws in society. Epsylon Point, as a street artist, is no exception to the rule.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Classified among the "anartists", Epsylon Point is a politically engaged artist. His works generally deal with the human condition, global conflicts and societal issues. He also has a very personal way of presenting his vision of the great human tragedies, the consequences and perverse methods of capitalism in its various forms, and even dictatorships. In addition, one of the themes that have earned him many reviews, both good and bad, is the eroticism that he paints while obscuring any notion of modesty. The artist is also a musician, the world of music is also very present in his achievements. Note that most of his works are colorful and particularly expressive in their genre. You can find a fine selection of his paintings at La CHOOSE Galerie or on the latter's website.

How do I get an Epsylon Point artwork?

Epsylon Point, a pioneer of street art in France, has been chosen by La CHOOSE Galerie . The founders of the latter, Laurent COQUANT gallery owner / dealer for more than 30 years and Henri TRUMER lawyer and amateur enlightened by art and its history, were seduced by all of his work. His paintings are offered for sale or for hire with an option to purchase by the gallery. The latter also aims to promote the French artistic universe throughout the world.