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Born March 10, 1950, Epsylon Point is a pioneer painter of French urban art. He is also recognized as the pioneer of color stencils from 1983. After graduating from Beaux Arts in Dijon in 1979, he was first a photographer and a performer. It was at the end of the 1970s that he discovered his vocation for the spray paint during a performance; “I had the impulse to cover a screen on which I was projecting images with black paint. I took a spray of paint and there it was like a flash ”. While his first color stencils date from 1983, between 1979 and 1985 he did graffiti. It was only from 1983 that he developed his technique for stenciling alongside his friend LaSigne when he took possession of the Balard district in the 15th district of Paris. In 1985, he participated as a pioneer of French street art in the first gathering of the graffiti and urban art movement organized by the VLP in Seine-Saint-Denis in the city of Bondy with the presence of VLP, Jef Aérosol, Miss. Tic, Blek the rat, Speedy Graphito, SP38 ... After the success of the 1980s, he decided to settle in Turin at the beginning of the 1990s where many artists were trained in stencil techniques. It was only at the end of the 1990s that Epsylon Point returned to France. Cold shower, the law has hardened towards urban artists. While some of his peers are on trial, he occupies a workshop in the Hauts-de-Seine which allows him to produce without constraints, to store his paintings and to prepare his stencils.

From 2000, exhibitions followed one after another, his work has been featured in numerous personal and collective exhibitions, both national and international. He influenced many artists of the urban scene until becoming a “living legend of street art in France” according to C215. Jef Aérosol said of him that "it is an OBNI (unidentifiable bulging object): it does not fall into any category, does not suffer from any label, does not fit in any drawer" and outbid by saying that "the painting is part of the character [...] I think he has bomb juice in his veins ».

For more than 40 years he has never ceased to protect and preserve himself from the art market, hence his preference to express his art in the street. Anartist at heart, figure of the politically incorrect, Epsylon Point is interested in the human condition, world conflicts, societal issues as well as eroticism and music. He treats through his approach the great human tragedies, the perversity of capitalist systems as he denounces dictatorships. Obviously, he develops on canvas the subjects that he produced in the street with the same conviction. His technique is based on freehand painted abstract backgrounds on which he places stencils often inspired by news photos or political slogans.


Collective exhibitions


Street Art Bike, Roubaix Town Hall (2019)
"Mai 68", Galerie Brugier Rigail, Paris (2018)
"Art Shopping", Casino Barrière, Deauville (2018)
“Saint-Maur makes the wall”, Villa Médicis, Saint-Maur (2017)
Wall Hall, Maison Folie de Wazemmes, Lille (2016)

“Urban legend”, Rome (2014)

“Stencils Bastards 3”, Starkart Exhibitions, Zurich (2014)

“Street Art or Art takes to the streets”, François Villon Cultural Center, Paris (2014)

With ERS, Maest, Galerie Ligne 13, Paris (2013)

“Requiem for a Street”, Galerie Saint Laurent, Marseille (2013)

La Friche, Paris (2013)

Vitry-sur-Seine, Paris (2013)

The MUR de l'Art celebrates its 3 years, Paris (2010)

Atelier Juxtapoz, Marseille (2010)

Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris (2010)

Art Meute, Galerie Ligne 13, Paris (2010)

400 ml, Maison des Métallos, Paris (2008)

The Unexpected, Paris (2004)

"Les tristes", Galerie Annie Stansal, Paris (2004)

“Homage to Pif Gadget”, Bataclan, Paris (2004)

Open door of the 13th arrondissement, with Olivier Valézy, Paris (2002)

Collective exhibition artists of the 92 (2002)

2000 paintings for the year 2000, Paris (2000)

Open door of the 20th arrondissement, Paris (2000)

The art of rails, Paris (2000)

Schnittstelle Berlin, Kulturevent, East Side Gallery, Germany (1999)

“Alla faccia dei soldi”, Village de Roland Garros, Galerie Sanguine, Paris (1996)

“Alla faccia dei soldi”, Paris Bourse, Galerie Sanguine, Paris (1995)

Braderie de l'art, Point M.Roubaix, (1994 to 2002)

“Comme vous émoi”, marquee of the Annie Fratellini Circus School, Paris (1994)

Arthur Rimbaud, 1854-1891, “The other face”.

- Rimbaud Museum, Charleville-Méziers (1991).

- Le Caveau, Charleville-Méziers (1991)

- Theater of Esch-sur-Alzette, Luyxembourg (1991)

-Théâtre de la Louvrière, Belgium (1991)

Graffiti Museum, Leipzig, Germany (1991)

Collective Galerie Globus, Leipzig, Germany (1991)

Street art in France:

- Unterm Turm Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany (1989)

- Kaiserlautern University, Germany, (1989)

- Trier University, Germany (1989)

“Stencil in action”, Galerie Draier Verlag, Frankfurt, Germany (1988)

100 years of Beaubourg (1988)

Cutty Sark, Whiskey Campaign, Young and Rubicam Agency, Paris (1988)

Street art in France:

- Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany (1988)

- Landesmuseum, Mainz, Germany (1988)

- Atrium Neue Galerie, Aachen, Germany (1988)

- Unterm Turm Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany (1988)

- Cellar of the Chez Pierre Institute, Mainz, Germany (1988)

"Histoires de rockers", Galerie L'Autre Rive, La Villette (1987)

Point Jeune, Paris Museum of Science and Industry, Paris (1987)

"The pochoir in action", Galerie du Jour, Agnés B. Paris (1986)

2nd Forum of rock-creation, Montreuil (1986)

“The rush towards art towards… the street”, Galerie Sainte-Claude, Paris (1985)

Personal exhibitions


"La CHOOSE Galerie", Paris (2020)

“Retrospective Epsylon Point”, Trum & Co, Paris (2019)
Contemporary Art Biennale, Chartreux Media Library, Issy-les-Moulineaux (2019)
“My consistency is painting”, Galerie Lavo // Matik, Paris (2016)
“Souvenir d'Epsylon Point”, Galerie Clemouchka, Lyon (2015)
Jean-Ferrat Cultural Space, Longlaville (2015)

“Self-made”, Galerie Moretti & Moretti, Paris (2014)

“Hihihihihi”, Galerie Ligne 13, Paris (2012)

“Oh my Gode”, Galerie Hubert Konrad, Paris (2012)

La Bohème Gallery, Deauville (2012)

“Totalmente a mano”, Chat Noir, Paris (2011)

At the Arts Citoyens, Espace des Blanc Manteaux, Paris (2006)

Grunspan Gallery, Paris (2006)

Anne Vignal Gallery, Paris (2006)

59 Rivoli Gallery, Paris (2003)

Lézarts de la Bièvre, Paris (2003)

Espace Europe, Crépy-en-valois (2002)

Büchergilde, Gutenberg Art Club, Frankfurt (1999)

Arnaud Brument Gallery, Grand Stade de France (1998)

Epsylon Point at Glaz'Art, Paris (1998)

Sanguine Gallery, Paris (1997)

Stencil course, Gymnasium, Kronach, Germany (1997)

“Erotics of everyday life”, Galerie Sanguine, Paris (1994)

“Eros et Thanatos”, Artist's workshop, Paris (1994)

“Circus Erotic”, Kunkstkabinett, Cologne (1993)

Sanguine Gallery, Paris (1993)

Homage to Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, Galerie Espace, Turin (1992)

“Day of the Dead (Mexico)”, Anagraph, Turin (1992)

European Institute of Design, Milan (1991)

"Artisti in Piazza", Seravezza Italy (1991)

Some performances


“Retrospective Epsylon Point”, Trum & Co, Paris (2019)

BAM Collective Renart, Lille (2013)

Rue-Stick # 5, Paris (2013)

Extramur'O Festival, Ferrières-en-Gatinais (2013)

Visual and Sound Impressions Festival, Marseille (2013)

Stencil Bastards, Zürich, Switzerland (2012)

Extramur'O Festival, Fontenay-sur-Loing (2012)

ArtCité Festival, Fontenay-sous-Bois (2011)

K-Live, Sète (2011)

Night of Street Art at the Saint-Germain fair, Paris (2009)

Stencil History X Show, Miscealena Gallery, Barcelona (2008)

Kosmopolite Festival, Bagnolet (2008)

Le MUR, Place Verte, Rue Oberkampf, Paris (2007)

“Diffusor” Cultural Center, Barcelona (2007)



Vitry sur Seine

Metro in Rome (Italy)

Metro in Rome (Italy)


Vitry sur Seine

Metro in Rome (Italy)