Discover the work of Epsylon Point, street artist and pioneer of urban art in France.

The 10 French street art artists to know

If originally, urban art or "street-art" was an illegal practice, now it has become a real artistic trend. With La CHOOSE Galerie , we will go back in time and discover the French street artists who have marked this change in alphabetical order, so as not to list them in order of importance or popularity.

Blek the Rat

Blek le Rat is a graphic designer who is a member of a small group who initiated urban art in the 1980s. He is also a French stencil artist whose works are said to have inspired the great Banksy. Real name Xavier Prou, he is known for his famous eponymous rat, personalities and life-size characters he created.


Like his fellow French street art enthusiasts, Chanoir learned to paint from the Beaux-Arts in Paris. In reality, he is Franco-Colombian and is known for the animal he uses to impose his identity, namely the cat.

Ernest Pignon-Ernest

He is also one of the pioneers of street art. He is renowned for his wild displays in the streets of the French capital. His works highlight political life, like the recumbent figures he painted on the steps of the Sacré Coeur in 1971. This work commemorates the bloody insurrectionary episode of the Paris Commune.


From his real name Franck Slama, the artist is best known for his works called Invader which invade the streets of the big cities of the world, like the little aliens in mosaic.

Jef Aerosol

Both an English teacher and French street art artist , Jean-François Perroy wears his nickname Jef Aérosol. He uses the bomb to produce the large Parisian fresco on the Igor Stravinsky square. This work of art is currently known around the world, making it one of the most visited square in Paris.

Jerome Mesnager

This artist revolutionized the concept of street art when he painted the famous “Man in White” which symbolizes peace and strength. Currently, we see this character on walls around the world.

The Diamond Dealer

As its nickname suggests, the character of the Diamond Dealer is adorned with shiny pieces (mirrors) in the shape of diamonds of various colors and sizes. His creation conveys the image that street art should be considered a gem for the city.

The valet

Charles Leval, whose pseudonym is Levalet, created several works of art in the streets of Paris. To do this, he uses India ink to draw black and white characters to grab people's attention.

Miss Tic

Miss Tic, for her part, is a woman known for her often poetic works erected on the walls of cities in the 85s. To assert her identity, the French street artist is used to using epigrams, puns, calligraphy, often embellished with a female character.

Mr. Chat

Last but not least, the artist Thomas Vuille is well known for his big yellow cats with disproportionate smiles and who can even be found in inaccessible places such as a wall or the roof of a building.

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