Discover the work of Epsylon Point, street artist and pioneer of urban art in France.

French urban art or street art

Well anchored in the urban landscape, street art brings together different forms of art produced in public spaces: from graffiti on the walls to stickers, including mosaics and collage. This artistic movement was born towards the end of the 20th century and continues to be perpetuated in the streets and in art galleries all over the world. Focus on the history and major works of French urban art with La CHOOSE Galerie in Paris .

French urban art: the genesis

If murals and graffiti have existed since prehistoric times, it is through urban art that they have gained their letters of nobility. In France, the emergence of urban art coincides with the events of May 1968, although five years before, the artist Gérard Zlotykamien had already paved the way with his spray drawings of ghostly figures.

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Epsylon Point, painter and musician, is one of the most influential figures in French urban art . It is in particular to him that we owe the first color stencil works in the early 1980s. Alongside other renowned stencils such as Blek the rat and Marie Rouffet, Epsylon Point will give a new dimension to art. urban French , that of a free and deeply expressive artistic movement.

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To express their works, street artists use the cardboard or metal matrix, reproduce drawings on the walls, or any other flat surface. This “ephemeral art” finds a large audience with a heterogeneous public, passionate or not of art, and which ends up memorizing their visual signatures.

Urban art techniques

Street artists use different tools to express their works: spray paint, stickers, brush, roller, paints, textiles, adhesive tape, video projection or light painting. The forms of expression are free: mixed media and collage, mosaic and tiling, stencil, urban knitting, graffiti, painting, collage of digital photos, tag, etc.

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Some artists have marked urban art with their particular techniques, such as Jeans Faucheur and its painted posters, stencils by Jef Aérosol or stickers by Clet Abraham.

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Epsylon Point works with many techniques: tags, stencils on canvas or on the wall, torn posters. His method consists of painting on very abstract freehand painted backgrounds on which he reproduces stencils often inspired by current affairs photos or political slogan.

Epsylon Point in the spotlight at La CHOOSE Galerie

The CHOOSE Galerie in Paris in the 8th arrondissement offers an overview of the works that have marked French urban art and honors one of the pioneers of this artistic movement: Epsylon Point.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The gallery presents an unprecedented exhibition of his works through the decades: from “Erras es humano”, a stencil on canvas from 1987 to “Culture” (1998), including his recent works: “Sur le Départ” (2015) , “Père et fils” (2015), “En famille” (2020) and “Place en Inde” (2020).

In addition to the exhibition of his works, La CHOOSE Galerie is preparing a monographic project on the artist.