Discover the work of Epsylon Point, street artist and pioneer of urban art in France.

Marcel Duchamp and Epsylon Point: two anartists you should know

Marcel Duchamp is the inventor of the term anartist . It is the association of two words, namely "anarchist" - a concept which allowed Marcel Duchamp to surpass art which seemed too conformist to him - and "artist" through which he drew his inspiration to achieve his beautiful works. The CHOOSE Galerie makes you discover how anartists have managed to go beyond their simple role of artist.

Marcel Duchamp and his famous Dada

Duchamp (1887-1968) had produced his first readymade in 1913. It was thanks to a work entitled Roue de bicyclette - a sculpture composed of a bicycle wheel fitted with a stool - that the artist was able to attract attention to him. His aim was to support the idea that he could reveal in another way the nature of art and its role as an artist. To do this, he wanted to go from the ready-made - that is, a work ready-made or already present - to a new work that is also a work of art.

Marcel Duchamp was known for his famous concept of Dadaism. With this in mind, he wanted to claim the spirit of freedom when designing a work of art. Thus, in 1917 he had produced his ready-made Fontaine which, however, was very controversial.

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Etymologically speaking, the term Dada has no meaning. It was a word he had chosen at random to reflect his image as a meaning-maker. But at the start of the twentieth century, the artist was recognized as a true revealer of a society that was ugly because of the need for wealth and massive destruction generated by the First World War. Then, the artist produced many other works such as the urinal that he had interpreted in many ways.

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Of course, other anartists followed suit, such as Epsylon Point whose works can be discovered at La CHOOSE Galerie .

Discover art differently with the anartist Epsylon Point

Epsylon Point was born on March 10, 1950. He is a painter who highlights French urban art and he is renowned for being one of the pioneers of color stencils and urban art from 1983. This artist graduated from Fine Arts in Dijon in 1979 before becoming a successful photographer and performer, thanks to his many canvases and stencils.

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For more than 40 years, this anartist has put forward the protection and preservation of the art market, like Marcel Duchamp. On the other hand, he has a particular preference for the expression of his works of art in the street.

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Anartist at heart, this emblematic figure of art is considered politically incorrect. This is because he tends to be interested in the human condition, societal issues, world conflicts, music and even eroticism. Its approach is also oriented towards the great human tragedies or the dictatorship of the capitalists. If you want to discover his paintings based on abstract backgrounds and painted freehand, go to La CHOOSE Galerie .

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